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Valentina Salazar Silva (she/her)

Physics Institute (PI) › Quantum Fluids

Fields of Interest:
Quantum Fluids, Quantum Gases, Many-Body Interactions, Quantum Optics

Short summary of current research:
Ultracold quantum gases offer an excellent platform to study few- and many-body quantum phenomena with a remarkable level of control. At the new group of Quantum Fluids in Heidelberg we are designing a novel experimental set-up focused on highly magnetic dysprosium atoms, with the aim to study the effect of competing long- and short-range interactions at the many-body level and in lower dimensional settings. With our unique combination of 2D and 3D magneto-optical traps, magnetic field coils, and various optical traps, we intend to achieve large quantum degenerate samples and to be able to adjust their confinement geometry and their interaction properties at will. In order to achieve a 2-dimensional sample in the main experimental chamber, we plan to implement a dynamic optical trap - the Accordion Lattice. The interference pattern of two laser beams at a shallow angle, theta, creates a spatially periodic potential. Varying theta allows us to adjust both the fringe spacing and the confinement strength in the modulated direction. This scheme makes it possible to achieve a 2D regime with high efficiency and tuneability.




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STRUCTURES Project Management Office
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