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We hold regular meetings for the YRC, two times a year we do our general assembly. One happens roughly in January, when the Speakers' term ends, the other one late in summer/autumn. These meetings are announced in advance via the internal mailing list for our members.

Beyond these formal meetings, we have "Brainstorming Sessions" to get feedback for upcoming events or changes we want to make. These happen slightly irregularly and are also announced via the internal mailing list.

We also see each other regularly before and after the Jour Fixe, the weekly seminar of the cluster. The speakers are announced via the mailing list and in the News section of this website.

In the past, we had a regulars' table additionally, so that active members can connect more socially. Whenever this happens, it will be announced.

The following events are planned for this year:

  • Workshop "Pseudoholomorphic Curves in Hamiltonian Dynamics" in February 2023
  • YRC STRUCTURES Days on 20/21st of July 2023
  • 7th iteration of the Schöntal Workshop on "Turbulence & Chaos" between 22-25th of August 2023 (more information here)
  • Invitation of one speaker for the Graduate Days of the Physics Faculty in October



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STRUCTURES Project Management Office
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